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August 23, 2018

For Our Community

Upcoming volunteer engagement events

International Primates day – Sept 1st, 2018

Join us for a screening of “Koko: The Gorilla Who Talks to People”, a documentary telling the extraordinary story of Koko, the only ‘talking’ gorilla in the world, and her lifelong relationship with Penny Patterson.

The film will be followed by a talk given by Dr. Andie Ang, primatologist and President of JGIS, on two primate species native to our region: the long-tailed macaque and the orangutan.

Entry is FREE OF CHARGE and seats are limited, so register now at!

This event has been kindly support by BBC Earth and our venue sponsor, Youth Corps Singapore.

Venue: The Red Box, 113 Somerset Road, Singapore

Time: 1pm – 3.30pm


1pm-1.30pm: Registration

1.30pm: Koko: The Gorilla Who Talks to People

2.30pm: Talk by Dr. Andie Ang on long-tailed macaques, orangutans, and her stories on chimpanzees and gorillas from her recent trip to Uganda and Rwanda

3.15pm: Upcoming events and volunteer opportunities at JGIS

Register now at

Peace Day – Sept 23rd, 2018

Look forward to a day of fun, community-building, and experience-sharing with like-minded individuals at Botanic Gardens.

Our theme for the potluck-style picnic is Less than Three. Challenge yourself to bring simple snacks or dishes that only involve 3 or less main ingredients!

Sign up here:

We also have volunteer opportunities for photographers, videographers and writers during the event, so do reach out to us via if you’d like to help out!

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