Primates of Malaysia - Jane Goodall Singapore Lecture Series

Join us for our upcoming event: Charismatic Primates of Malaysia

Date: 25 November 2017
Time: 1:30 – 4:30 pm
Location: Singapore Botanic Gardens, Level 1 Botany Center

Home to 25 species of primates, Malaysia is a global primate diversity hotspot. While many recognise a few iconic species like the orangutan or the proboscis monkey, only some can tell the difference between a langur and a macaque or imitate the call of a wild gibbon.

In the second lecture of the JGIS Lecture Series, we invite three primate experts from Malaysia to share their research and conservation work on the charismatic primates of Malaysia. Be prepared for some seriously scientific primate facts and inspiring stories of conservation in this knowledge-packed session. We hope that you will walk away with a deeper understanding of our closest animal relatives and new insights on what we can do to conserve them and live more harmoniously with nature and wildlife.

Learn More About the Speakers

Dr. Nadine Ruppert
Senior Lecturer
Ph.D., Universiti Sains Malaysia
Head of Macaca Nemestrina Project
Malaysia’s Charismatic Primates: Novel research projects in pig-tailed macaques, gibbons, langurs and orangutans
Although Malaysia is a global primate diversity hotspot with 25 species of primates, many species are already threatened with extinction and local participation in primate research and conservation effort is few and far between. In this talk, Dr Ruppert will introduce Malaysia’s charismatic primates and emphasise on global threats and their current conservation status. She will also present several novel research projects, including the role of pig-tailed macaques as biological pest control in oil palm plantations, the population size and conservation status of three species of gibbons, the adaptation of langurs to urban areas and habitat fragmentation, human-macaque conflicts at Batu Caves KL, and the use of drones and infra-red cameras in orang utan population assessments.

Joleen Yap
Postgraduate student, School of Biological Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia
Head of Langur Project Penang (LPP)
Langur Project Penang: The ecology and behaviour of spectacled langurs
In this talk, Joleen will share her work with the Langur Project Penang (LPP), a primate research project investigating the ecology and behaviour of spectacled langurs in Penang. The LPP aims to work toward a Langur Conservation Plan in Penang which takes into account primate ecology, human influences and ecotourism to create awareness for primate conservation and nature education. The talk will emphasise the background, objectives, and research of LPP, and how the LPP does its part to be the voice of the wildlife residents of Penang.

Mariani Bam Ramli
President of Gibbon Protection Society Malaysia (GPSM)
IUCN SSC Primate Specialist Group SSA
Voicing their Silence: Gibbon conservation in Malaysia
The Malaysian Gibbon is a forgotten ape in Malaysia and are facing serious danger of extinction. In this talk, Bam will introduce the Malaysian Gibbon and their status, the threats and challenges they face, and efforts to conserve them. Bam established the Gibbon Protection Society Malaysia (GPSM) out of her strong passion and desire help primates and her determination to halt the illegal pet trade. In the near future, she wishes to obtain the license to open up Malaysia’s first Gibbon Conservation Centre for illegally-kept primates, where they are safely quarantined, trained and finally released to safe areas of forest.

Past Events

Dr. Jane's Visit to Singapore [August 2017]
In conjunction with our 10th anniversary, JGIS is planning for Dr. Jane to visit Singapore and celebrate with everyone here right around National Day!

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Art Competition: Living in Harmony with Singapore Wildlife [June 2017]

In anticipation of Dr. Jane's visit in August 2017, Jane Goodall Institute Singapore is organising an art competition for all budding Roots & Shoots artists!
All Roots & Shoots members are invited to submit a piece of artwork showing their interpretation of the theme: Living in Harmony with Singapore Wildlife.
All participants will stand a chance to meet Dr. Jane in person, and also have your artwork displayed during our public event!

Festival of Biodiversity [May 2017]
Jane Goodall Institute Singapore (JGIS) was part of the annual Festival of Biodiversity organized by NParks! Held over a 2-day period in May, the event aims to showcase Singapore’s impressive and unique array of biodiversity. It celebrates Singapore’s natural heritage with hopes to bring about greater awareness of the biodiversity that Singapore has.

JGIS will be focusing on primate species native to Singapore, as well as raising awareness on human-primate conflicts, and sharing other educational programmes related to biodiversity and the community.