Storytelling Sessions

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The Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore) Storytelling Project brings to life vividly told stories about local primates and wildlife and their ecosystems. From children’s books written by students at Raffles Institute’s Biodiversity Program, we’ve created interactive plays about local wildlife such as Po, the baby Raffles Banded Langur and his friends, to marine life including a growing hermit crab and other sea creatures who benefit from a cleanup at Changi Beach.

Our team of trained storytellers are passionate about educating youth about their role in protecting Singaporean wildlife and the environment. Each session includes a short creative workshop in which children have the opportunity to write, draw, craft or tell their own imagined stories about wildlife and come up with solutions for the problems they face, such as pollution or loss of habitat.

We give every child the opportunity to share their stories onstage or online, and hope to adapt some of their stories into future performances.

Note: Performances are open to children of all ages, and are disability accessible and autism friendly, with slides and visual aids. Please contact us if specific supports are required, and we will do our best to accommodate! To listen to more stories from Dr Jane Goodall, please click here.

We are also open to volunteers! Please email and get in touch if you’d like to get involved or are interested in inviting us to perform at your school or community event.