About Us

JGI in Singapore

Dr. Jane’s first connection with Singapore came in 2002, when she was in Taiwan and held a video conference with students from the Singapore American School and students from Taiwan. Shortly after, in 2004, Dr. Jane made her first visit to Singapore to speak at a conference arranged by the Ministry of Education. While here, she met with a variety of local organisations, several of which agreed to set up conservation-related programmes. In the ensuing year, however, those programmes did not come to fruition.

Dr. Jane visited again in 2006 and had a similarly wide range of meetings. Wanting to make sure that more happened after this second visit, a small group of volunteers began setting up the Jane Goodall Institute Singapore, which was formally registered in September 2007. Many of those early volunteers are still supporting the organization today, including Vilma D’Rozario, Tan Beng Chiak, Jo Teo, Steve Early and Richard Hartung.

JGIS today

Today, we’re a collection of scientists, designers, teachers, project managers, business professionals and many others working to support people living sustainably and in harmony with animals, nature and in a shared environment.

We’ve formed a number of committees that meet regularly to support primates, environmental education and conservation with schools, young people and the broader community. Since 2007, we’ve worked with more than three dozen schools to support their Roots & Shoots programmes. As advocates for citizen science, we offer and participate in year-round opportunities for members of the public, businesses and volunteers to connect with and celebrate Singapore’s wildlife.

We’re often on the lookout for volunteers and also run a regular internship programme to support our teams and projects. Sign up to our newsletter for quarterly updates on our work and events and keep an eye on our social media channels to be the first to hear about new opportunities to get involved.

As a non-profit, support from people just like you make our events, research and community engagement projects possible – we couldn’t do it without you! Learn more about how to support JGIS and partner with us for events, projects and activities.