Volunteer Opportunities

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Long Term Volunteer Roles

We are looking for people to join us long term to help build awareness for the Jane Goodall Institute Singapore. We need people of all skill sets to join our teams listed below.

Planning Team

The planning team of JGIS meets every Sunday to discuss strategic plans and organize resources for ongoing projects and events. If you are interested in doing skills-based volunteering and helping behind the scenes at JGIS, look no further!



If you have excellent communication skills and a strong passion for the JGI mission, support us in our fundraising activities and assist in identifying and managing relationships with potential donors and sponsors. The role also requires you to assist the fundraising team in the development of fundraising budgets and policies.

Commitment: Minimum of 6 months, at least 1 face-to-face meeting per month during our Sunday sessions.


Newsletter Editor & Collator

  • Editing of newsletter/blog articles (with the planning team)
  • Propose newsletter content types
  • Request & collate newsletter pieces

Commitment: ~ 5 hrs per newsletter, including a face-to-face meeting to plan out content types (once a quarter)

Article/Column Contributor

  • Contribute newsletter/blog articles
  • Articles should be related to people, animals and/or the environment

Commitment: Ongoing Basis (Variable, self-paced)

Volunteer/Intern Management

  • Organise volunteer engagement sessions
  • Liaising with other sub-committees for availability of roles
  • Scheduling/conducting interviews
  • Collating and communicating roles to volunteers/interns via website and Mailchimp

Commitment: ~4-5 hrs a week, including 1 face-to-face meeting a month

Website Copywriter

  • Work with the website coordinator & board members to revamp & rewrite website content

Commitment: Project-based, minimum 1-2months

Social Media Contributor

  • Manage our social media channels (FB, Instagram)
  • Schedule postings on a regular basis
  • Create/continue campaigns
  • Coordinate with team for relevant marketing needs
  • Respond to inquiries through social media channels

Commitment: Long-term volunteer to help on a regular basis

Root and Shoots

Subcommittee Member

  • Plan, execute and engage stakeholders for various R&S projects
  • Create and update Resource packages
  • Plan our annual R&S event

Commitment: Immediate event – R&S Annual Gathering and Awards Ceremony; monthly meeting (2 hrs); remote planning  (3 hrs per week)

Assembly Talk Speakers

  • Confident in public speaking (to student audience of ~200 – 800)
  • Experience in public speaking
  • Engaging!
  • Flexible in time and able to commit during work hours

Commitment: On request basis, typically once in 3 months, each not more than 2 hrs

Eco-Literacy Educators

  • Ex/current educators
  • Teaching/resource development eg. coming up with projects
  • Flexible in time and able to commit during work hours

Commitment: Structure TBC, likely to be once in 2 months


  • Create and update content on R&S social media platforms
  • Generate content/compile newsletters

Quarterly Newsletter Writers

  • Past experience writing/producing newsletters
  • Generate newsletter content
  • Edit and collate pieces to fill newsletter content types
  • Aesthetic design and formatting of newsletter

Commitment: 4 times a year, each ~5 hours

Butterfly Gardens Coordinator

  • Oversee liaising process with interested schools
  • Work closely with school and horticulturist to determine planting layout and planting day
  • Handle queries from school

Primate Related Programmes

The Raffles’ banded langur is a critically endangered species in Singapore and field surveys have been conducted over the past year to estimate population size and distribution. Join our citizen scientists in conserving the Raffles’ banded langurs in Singapore if you are interested in participating as a volunteer in the surveys!

Curious about what goes on during our surveys? Sin Wei shares his experience HERE.


Monkey Scouts/Walkers

  • Locate the troop of Macaques that participants will observe prior to the monkey walk
  • If interested and confident, you may begin to lead the tri-monthly walks


Raffles Banded Langur Citizen Science Surveys - Planning Volunteer

  • RBL volunteer briefing session #4 (half-yearly basis)
  • Publicise session on social media
  • Create and check registration signups
  • Man registration booth on event day
  • Follow up with photos on social media

Commitment: Half-yearly basis


Date: June 9 Sat
Time: 10:00AM-12PM
Event Category: Monkey Guards Training
Venue: Dairy Farm Estate, 3 Dairy Farm Road, Singapore 679035
Register: SIGN UP HERE

Date: July 7 Sat
Time: 10:00AM-12PM
Event Category: Monkey Guards Training
Venue: Dairy Farm Estate, 3 Dairy Farm Road, Singapore 679035
Register: SIGN UP HERE

(The second training session is for those who are not able to make it for the first training session and volunteers only need to attend one training session in order to participate in Monkey Guarding activities.)

Be a people surveyor!

Through carrying out residential surveys with our interns, you will get to:

  1. Listen to people's encounters with macaques
  2. Advise them on appropriate behaviour towards macaques
  3. Observe reported 'hotspots' for macaque activity

Sign up for a volunteer shift here at for Jun to Oct 2018



Planning Volunteer

  • Assist with Jane Goodall Lecture Series #2 (quarterly basis)
  • Arrange accommodation and the reimbursement procedure for the Speaker’s flights and transport in Singapore

Peace Day Picnic (30th September 2017)

  • Social Media Coordinators
  • Planning of Activities for Peace Day Picnic

Jane Goodall Lecture Series #2 (25 November 2017)

  • Registration

Roots and Shoots Awards Ceremony (17 November 2017)

  • Booth Management
  • Logistics and Set-up
  • Ushers
  • Photographer

Graphic Designer (Similar to current website)

Do you have a passion for communications design and the talent for art and creativity? Join us as one of our graphic designers to design quality graphics and illustrations for our digital content including website, resources and tools, and infographics.

Commitment: Ad-hoc basis

If you aren’t sure which of these roles you’d like to take up, or if you’d like to explore other areas you can contribute in, just reach out to us! We’d love to have a chat, just drop us an email at community@janegoodall.org.sg. or sign up below.