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JGIS has worked with the teachers of Singapore Chinese Girls’ School on an Eco-Literacy module, which was successfully implemented in their Year 2 Integrated Programme. It includes five lessons of 50 minutes each, ending with a short assignment. In July, the school’s Roots & Shoots teachers, Travis Tan Chee Yong and Joyce Zhuang Huining, presented their paper, “Differentiated group work on heightening continuing motivation for high ability Ecoliteracy learners” at the 22nd WCGTC Biennial World Conference in Sydney, Australia.

The Eco-Literacy module was designed to foster greater passion, help students appreciate environmental conservation and support sustainable living through advocacy. The students were in a Continuing Motivation (CM) survey before the module started. The Motivation 25 Teaching Model (Dornyei, 2009) teaches students the facts of Colony Collapse Disorder. With guidance, students form groups and brainstorm solutions to save the dwindling bee population. Each class had a differentiated group activity to tailor learning and better motivate students to brainstorm for solutions. Programme leaders calculated the difference between the pre-survey and post-survey CM score.