Dr. Jane’s Peace Day message and my reflections

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Listening to Dr. Jane made me aware that while my life is peaceful, many people are suffering, particularly the refuges that are fleeing from warzones. There needs to be lot more progress to make the world a peaceful place. It is amazing to me that grown adults are not able to resolve their differences peacefully by listening to each other. While the various governments have a big responsibility, I realized that individuals and even kids like myself can make a difference.

I think that young people like me can inform others in school about peace day and tell them to be kind to everyone. I think that we can also help others in need by acting kind to them and help them out. We could also be kind and respectful to everyone on daily basis by doing simple things like saying thank you, please, welcome, etc. Mostly importantly I will treat all humans with equal respect no matter if they are very different from me.

–Saaz Mahadkar