5 Eco-Friendly Initatives To Inspire You In Singapore

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Author: Amy Woolloff

So you want to be the next Jane Goodall but you don’t know how to go about it?

Here are five eco-friendly initiatives that will inspire you!

1. If you want to recycle but you have no access to facilities – Tzu Chi

Every second Sunday of the month, up to 1000 volunteers gather at public recycling points to sort and clean unwanted recyclable rubbish. It’s then whisked away and converted into super cute products like these polo shirts made from old plastic bottles. Sales raised are donated to charity. Does an organisation get nicer than this? Check out their website for upcoming dates and places to donate.

2. If you want to find smart and stylish alternatives to plastic products – Clean Attempt

The lovely sisters behind The Clean Attempt have developed innovative products such as reusable bamboo cling wrap, reusable face towels, shampoo bars and bamboo toothbrushes, all designed with maximum style and minimum environmental impact. Follow them on instagram to order products and see where they are going to be pitching their stall next. I can vouch for the face cloth!

3. If you want to grow your own urban farm – Edible Garden City

Offering regular workshops on everything from how to grow your own vegetables to how to make your own cheese. A great way to cut down on food miles, reduce unnecessary packaging and pick up a therapeutic hobby all at the same time.

4. If you want to get back to nature – Nparks

Nparks organises everything from guided nature walks to gardening workshops and art-in-nature drawing classes, most of which are completely free. Destinations include Pulau Ubin, Sungei Wetland reserve, the Botanic Gardens and St John’s Island. What a nice way to spend a weekend and to remind you why we care about nature in the first place!

5. If you want to to donate unwanted clothes to be loved again – Green Square

This organisation picks up unwanted clothes direct from your door at a time convenient to you and sells them to developing countries to be formed into new clothes and textiles at more affordable prices for local consumers. Some of the money made goes into keeping the service free and some are donated to local charities in Singapore. If the social impact doesn’t inspire you to do it, you also get a discount voucher at certain stores as a thank you for your donation.

I hope this has left you with some new ideas to make your world a little kinder and greener! If you know of any other awesome organisations in Singapore, send us a message on Facebook and we’ll feature them on our page!