Community Management
November 19, 2017

The Raffles’ banded langur is a critically endangered species in Singapore and field surveys have been conducted over the past year to estimate population size and distribution. Join our citizen scientists in conserving the Raffles’ banded langurs in Singapore if you are interested in participating as a volunteer in the surveys!

Curious about what goes on during our surveys? Sin Wei shares his experience HERE.


Monkey Scouts/Walkers

  • Locate the troop of Macaques that participants will observe prior to the monkey walk
  • If interested and confident, you may begin to lead the tri-monthly walks


Raffles Banded Langur Citizen Science Surveys – Planning Volunteer

  • RBL volunteer briefing session #4 (half-yearly basis)
  • Publicise session on social media
  • Create and check registration signups
  • Man registration booth on event day
  • Follow up with photos on social media

Commitment: Half-yearly basis