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Iris Ng

We wanted to get to know Iris better, so we asked her a few questions…

What made you want to volunteer at JGIS?
I wanted to know what it was like to work at an NGO, and was always interested in primates, so I wrote to JGIS to ask about an internship opportunity back in 2014. Two years on, I’m still with JGIS, working on its community and more projects!

Tell us a bit about yourself!
I’ve always been drawn to NGO work, conservation work and ethology work, and I’m still figuring out how best to impact the world in a positive manner. I'm an avid diver and trekker and I love exploring the local way of life whenever I travel. I love discussions; some of my favourite topics are the animal-human “divide”, animal behaviour/ cognition, sustainability, societal structures, conservation, etc. In my spare time, I frequently find myself doodling and gaming.

What was the most interesting thing you’ve worked on as a JGIS volunteer?
I’ve volunteered with JGIS for over 2 years as the Community Manager and in the planning team, so there’s been tonnes of interesting experiences! I think planning Dr. Jane’s 2015 visit and gala dinner, starting the volunteer database, the Raffles’ Banded Langur citizen science project, and working with SCS to organise the Scientist exhibition in June 2016 were impactful. The fundraising campaign on Indiegogo was also an eye-opener as it was my first time crowdfunding.

How has your volunteering experience impacted you?
It has shed light on how NGOs are run. The experience of going through projects/ events from ideation to execution have empowered me with confidence to start projects independently. I have also gained lots of like-minded friends among the volunteers.

What are some tips you have for new volunteers?
Rather than entering an NGO project just asking what you should do, begin by reading up about the NGO and knowing what you want to do, because that’s when you really focus on nurturing your own talents and desired skillsets. At JGIS, this is particularly true given its ground-up philosophy, which I believe is one of JGI’s core strengths. Be initiative and brave with voicing your ideas and thoughts, don’t be afraid of criticisms because your opinion deserves to be heard! Having goals also keeps you motivated to see your projects to completion. Last but not least, get to know everyone on the team, including the board! In every NGO I’ve worked with (Toddycats, Love MacRitchie Walk, Sisters’ Island Guides, etc), the volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds and everyone has tonnes of interesting skills, insights and experiences that you can learn from.

Upcoming Events & Volunteer Opportunities

Jane Is Coming To Singapore - We need your help!

Just before National Day this year, you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet Dr. Jane! In conjunction with our 10th anniversary, she will be in town from 6th to 8th August 2017. Come and listen to her story, and be inspired by her heartfelt beliefs on how everyone can make a difference in protecting our animals and the environment.

There will be ongoing events for the entire period of Jane’s visit. Join us in writing an article or photographing these events to capture special moments. Your work will be shared on our JGIS website, newsletter and Facebook page!

More volunteer roles coming up for Jane’s visit, so watch this space!

Long Term Volunteer Roles

We are looking for people to join us long term to help build awareness for the Jane Goodall Institute Singapore. We need people of all skill sets to join our teams listed below.

Planning Team

The planning team of JGIS meets every Sunday to discuss strategic plans and organize resources for ongoing projects and events. If you are interested in doing skills-based volunteering and helping behind the scenes at JGIS, look no further!

If you have expertise in software programming and web graphics, do help us with the management and maintenance of the JGIS website. We need a volunteer to constantly update and revise content and organisation of the web pages depending on upcoming events in JGIS.

Commitment: Minimum of 6 months, at least 1 face-to-face meeting per month during our Sunday sessions.

Graphic Designer
Do you have a passion for communications design and the talent for art and creativity? Join us as one of our graphic designers to design quality graphics and illustrations for our digital content including website, resources and tools, and infographics.

Commitment: Ad-hoc basis

Social Media Coordinator
We are looking for talented, dedicated tech-savvy individuals who will be able to create and maintain a strong online presence for JGIS! You should be able to develop a social media approach to enhance the brand awareness through online channels and use engaging content to increase overall outreach. Dedication is also essential and you will need to stay up-to-date, consistently monitoring activity and user interactions on our social platforms.

Commitment: Minimum of 6 months, at least 2 face-to-face meetings per month during our Sunday sessions.

If you have excellent communication skills and a strong passion for the JGI mission, support us in our fundraising activities and assist in identifying and managing relationships with potential donors and sponsors. The role also requires you to assist the fundraising team in the development of fundraising budgets and policies.

Commitment: Minimum of 6 months, at least 1 face-to-face meeting per month during our Sunday sessions.

We send out newsletters to all our subscribers every quarter, and we need articles to keep readers engaged and inspired! We also love having new content on our digital platforms. If you love writing and/or would like to share something you’ve been doing/know about with the rest of the community, here’s your chance!

Commitment: Ad-hoc basis

Root and Shoots

Assembly Talk Speakers
Part of the work we do with schools involves giving assembly talks to students around topics related to the environment, JGIS, or Dr Jane. Our passionate volunteers take time out to craft the content for these talks! If you are interested in giving a talk and inspiring students to play their part in solving problems related to animals, environment and people, please contact us for further information!

Commitment: To be confirmed based on discussions with interested schools. Training is provided.

Workshop Facilitators
We also provide workshops to students and teachers on specific topics or skill sets such as capacity building. If you’re interested in crafting content or delivering these workshops, we’d love to have you!

Commitment: To be confirmed based on discussions with interested schools. Training is provided.

Raffles Banded Langur Surveys

The Raffles’ banded langur is a critically endangered species in Singapore and field surveys have been conducted over the past year to estimate population size and distribution. Join our citizen scientists in conserving the Raffles’ banded langurs in Singapore if you are interested in participating as a volunteer in the surveys!

Curious about what goes on during our surveys? Sin Wei shares his experience HERE.

Commitment: Minimum of 6 months

If you aren’t sure which of these roles you’d like to take up, or if you’d like to explore other areas you can contribute in, just reach out to us! We’d love to have a chat, just drop us an email at community@janegoodall.org.sg. or sign up below.